About us

Robert is a computer 'geek' and I say that in the most affectionate way possible! He keeps our home network up and running. Right now he works for Convergys in Orem in their technical support department for Netapp. Rob has the most common sense out of anyone I've ever met. He also is one of the most 'creative' people I have EVER known. Within minutes of getting a 'new toy' he's got it taken apart figuring out how to 'maximize' it's potential.

Heather is a 'die hard' animal lover. Rob is VERY tolerant of her zoo. Right now she has 6 cats, 2 dogs, 5 birds, 1 RES Turtle, 1 Betta Fish, 1 Tank of guppies (see The Thompson Zoo) for more about their daily adventures. Rob is very understanding, and coming from a background of not really an animal lover other than birds, he's quite taken with them :) Heather works full time for her father at Camelot Pet Resort, Spa & Health Center in Bountiful, she is the Manager and Veterinary Technician. Heather is also an Independant Representative for several direct sales companies, she offers Gourmet Food, Scrapbooking, Pet Supplies, Candles and Natural Home Care products.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More of my b-day pictures

So they went from the little white cage to the black cage that when on the about foot tall wheels/stand is just a few inches taller than I am (5' & 5"). They are loving it. The only thing they are missing right now is a sleeping box, which we are working on making them one. Also a picture of our new electronic keyboard. It's pretty neat!

Pictures of my birthday

Here are some pictures of my new chinchillas, the white/blue cage is the one they came with. The white one for now is named Snowball, the black on is Dexter, we are thinking of Snowball and Midnight or Salt and Pepper for their names. The pile of stuff on the chair is the 'jackpot' they got from Petsmart thanks to my dear sweet husband. And Gotta love the new 'kitty' TV, our cats are completely enthralled with them.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My birthday

I have come to realize that I am married to one of the most selfless, giving men in the world, and I am SOOOOOOOOO grateful to my Heavenly Father for that. Rob is amazing and is always putting me first. Anyways a few weeks ago I went to a dog show with my sister Jennifer, and I met her at my parents house and she has chinchillas in her bedroom she was telling me how someone had brought in a couple of Chinchillas to Petco where she works because they couldn't keep them, well they normally do not take in chinchillas so Jen's ears perked up and she offered to take them home, well we got to talking and it came up that if I could convince Rob to let me have them...I could take them home. Well this was around September 11th, so I've been working on Rob and he's been dragging it out and telling me that "He'll MAYBE think about it, blah blah blah, teasing me about them" Well Thursday he was going to call my dad and have my dad bring them home on Friday my birthday and surprise me with them and he decided to just let me bring them home so he set his alarm clock for 5:30pm JUST so he could tell me that I could bring the 'rats' home as that is what he 'affectionately' has been calling them, as they have 'big ears, tail, runs on all 4 paws, makes them rats....'

Well my darling, loving husband spent HOURS Thursday night researching about chinchillas and came up with the conclusion that they were in a cage that was too small, and were on wire on the bottom which can be hard on their feet and they needed different things. So he researched cages, read reviews about them, and had one all picked out, but Petsmart only sells that one online and we figured the shipping would be outrageous so we just found one that was comparable to the one he found. so Friday for my birthday he took me to Petsmart where we got them a much larger cage, a dust bath house, a HUGE exercise ball, a bin feeder, a hay rack, some more hay and different treats, and chew sticks for them we also go them an exercise wheel as they have chewed a big hole in the one that they had. (Rob has decided though that we need to buy them a different new exercise wheel as the one they had chewed on has ball bearings and is sturdier it was slightly noisy as they have worn it out from running on it.). So much for 'free' chinchillas ;) Rob says that he just wants my animals to be happy and healthy as when they are happy 'momma's happy.' I just love him to pieces.

We also went to Costco together and bought an Electronic Keyboard/Piano, this is a Rob's Birthday/My Mother's Day/His Father's Day/Early Christmas present, it's been fun, it's been years since I have really played the piano and it's been a lot of fun to play and it's bringing back lots of memories for both of us. I even pulled out my flute (which is in BIG time need of polishing) and was able to play a little bit with it.

It has honestly been one of the best birthdays I've had.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new haircut....

I have been growing my hair out since 2005, and decided since I always have it pulled up and off my neck, it was time to cut it! So I cut off over 12" of hair last Wednesday! Here are some pictures, the first one was taken before, then a few afters, sorry my face is a mess...had just finished shopping and unloading groceries and it was super hot. My hair is naturally curly and shortness REALLY brings out the curls. What do you think? Being it's now almost a week hair has calmed down some and isn't quite so curly.