About us

Robert is a computer 'geek' and I say that in the most affectionate way possible! He keeps our home network up and running. Right now he works for Convergys in Orem in their technical support department for Netapp. Rob has the most common sense out of anyone I've ever met. He also is one of the most 'creative' people I have EVER known. Within minutes of getting a 'new toy' he's got it taken apart figuring out how to 'maximize' it's potential.

Heather is a 'die hard' animal lover. Rob is VERY tolerant of her zoo. Right now she has 6 cats, 2 dogs, 5 birds, 1 RES Turtle, 1 Betta Fish, 1 Tank of guppies (see The Thompson Zoo) for more about their daily adventures. Rob is very understanding, and coming from a background of not really an animal lover other than birds, he's quite taken with them :) Heather works full time for her father at Camelot Pet Resort, Spa & Health Center in Bountiful, she is the Manager and Veterinary Technician. Heather is also an Independant Representative for several direct sales companies, she offers Gourmet Food, Scrapbooking, Pet Supplies, Candles and Natural Home Care products.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grocery Savings

A friend of Rob's at work pointed us to a WONDERFUL grocery store that I just LOVE! It is in Provo on University Ave, but is SO worth the 15-20 minute drive. They have produce on sale every wednesday and meat on sale every friday. It is a great store, the manager is awesome and super friendly and has even bagged our groceries a couple of times. Anyways today I went an picked up some fruit I got 30# of fruit (Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Tangerines, Tomatos) for $12.00. I LOVE IT! Oranges were 4 lbs for $1.00, Apples were 4# for $1.00 for Cameos or 3# for $1.00 for Red Delicious. Nectarines were 1# for $1.00. You have to get there early to get some of their deals they have. We normally got at 7am (when they open) on Wednesdays and hit their clearance meats, we save a TON that way.

It is Buy Low Market: Seriously may be worth the drive if you live in Utah for the savings LOL! The manager said they are trying to find more places to open. We keep telling him to open in the place where Smith's was that closed in American Fork but he said they have some sort of No Compete Clause or something so a grocery store can't open in that location (dumb if you ask me) they are out of business.

I do know there are more locations in California.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our little Chihuahua

As many of you know, Zoey our little Chihuahua has mild hydrocephalus which makes her a little bit more difficult to train such as potty training etc. Well when she was a puppy Rob and I clicker trained her, and have worked with her off and on, Sit was never a command that she mastered. Today Rob was working with both Shellie and Zoey on some commands. She gets so excited when she does something right, she does a little 'wiggly' dance. She's such a sweetheart! She is wearing both a sweater and a coat because she's been colder lately, her CDA (Color Dilution Alopecia) seems to be active right now she's got spots along her spine where her blue hair is really really thinning out and not coming back in. Part of me thinks it's because she wears a sweater most of the time to keep her warm and it may be rubbing it off? Don't know what to do to 'stop' it. We did bloodwork on her Friday as she's been eating voraciously, losing weight, peeing/drinking a TON, but otherwise happy and active as ever. Everything was pretty much normal so we pretty much attribute it to the steroids and drugs she is on for her hydrocephalus/copd...which sucks, but we can't cut her back, she's on 1.25mg of Vetalog every other day right now, if we back off she starts showing more symptoms. I was worried she might have had cushings as long-term steroids can cause cushings and she's been on steroids since she was a year and a half old when we discovered the hydrocephalus. Cushings can also cause hair loss along the spine, so I was worried about it, but her bloodwork all checked out. You can see she's not looking as 'red' on her legs anymore with the homecooked/limited diet. Which makes me happy, she's not near as itchy as she was either. Anyways here are some of the tricks that Zoey showed off today:
1: Bow
2: Down
3: Sit
4: Stand (this one was the hardest for her, after a few times of mommy helping her she finally caught on and was 'offering' it herself.

Rob's New Invention

Last week Rob decided he wanted Roasted marshmallows so he used out toaster to make them. Well last night I was cleaning and pulled out our old toaster and asked Rob if he wanted me to throw it away, his eyes lit up and said last night he modified it and made a desktop 'roaster' out of it! It was broken, it's an electronic one and the circuitry that told the toaster the toast was done and to pop up was broken so it would burn the toast (to the point it caught on fire), so we bought us a new one. Anyways, he even made it 'Heather' proof so to speak, bending a 'rack' to protect from the inner heating elements. He is so smart, I married a Genius! It roasts them really well and even roasts hot dogs!